Allowing everyone to invest in

Profitable and sustainable properties

Real estate is one of the best ways of investing in the future.

At Beanstock, we want to give individuals the tools they need to invest in buy-to-let, while actively contributing to the energy retrofitting of the French housing stock.

It all started in 2020...

Beanstock is the story of Alex, a seasoned 28-year-old landlord, and Emma, a 27-year-old first-time investor. Their meeting sparked a mission: to redefine real estate investment.

"Today, building wealth through real estate is a privilege for the few or the experienced. With Beanstock, we're reshaping the investment experience to make it accessible to all!"

Emma & Alex

... and Beanstock has been growing fast ever since!


Beanstock was born!


Seed round of €2.5M

Rental guarantee launched


Series A of €12M

Launch of BeanstockPro, our app for real estate professionals

Beanstock is featured in France's Linkedin Top Startups


Beanstock now covers more than 20 cities in France!

Launch of our mobile application

Launch of our guarantee pack

Beanstock becomes SeLoger's official buy-to-let partner

Launch of Beanworks, our construction subsidiary.

Re-imagining buy-to-let investment

A modern and digital property investment experience

Property investment is still tedious, complicated and nerve-wrecking. At Beanstock, we’re on a mission to reinvent real estate investment, making it digital, simple and fun. We’ve created the first investment properties marketplace in Europe that helps individual investors buy and manage buy-to-let properties.

Beanstock thus offers every individual, regardless of their level of experience in real estate, the opportunity to develop and manage their real estate portfolio in a few clicks, from the comfort of their home and without any hassle. In addition to reinventing the investor experience, this breaks down geographical barriers to expand the rental investment market and make it more accessible to everyone.

Actively contribute to energy retrofits and real estate decarbonisation

Housing is responsible for 23% of greenhouse gas emissions in France and the retrofitting of the current housing stock will be key to achieving carbon neutrality.

At Beanstock, profitable goes hand in hand with sustainable: we have integrated energy retrofit into all of our investment projects. We have already improved the energy performance rating of over 400 properties and guarantee a minimum EPC rating of E post-retrofit.

A team of 80 passionate and ambitious individuals

A team of 80 passionate and ambitious individuals

A team of 80 passionate and ambitious individuals

A team of 80 passionate and ambitious individuals

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